It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s that time of the year, when everything is full with lights, pine trees decorated with all kind of sparkly decorations, the kitchen/house smells like heaven from the orange, cinnamon, molasses, etc. It’s really one of the most wonderful times of the year. Personally, it’s one of my favorite. Read More

If you follow me in a while, you know, that I really adore gnocchi. Its one of my favorite meal, and I love to experiment with it and make it with different ingredients and sauces. Today, I am here with the classic, delicious version. You can find the recipe of the basic potato gnocchi (gluten free!) and a tasty tomato sauce over it. Click to read more about this classic meal! Read More

Easy 30-minute gluten free tomato pasta

Most of the days, we don’t really have too much time to prepare dinner. Or we just want something easy and quick, with no fuss. Well, I love pasta, and I love pasta with tomatoes. It is one of the easiest things you can mix up for yourself and for your family or friends. Even if a meal is not difficult, it doesn’t mean it cannot be tasty. Well, this one is deeelicious! Read More

Today, this blog, Marcsi’s Plate and me have a very important day! Exactly a year ago I have started my Instagram account (@marcsisplate) where I share my gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipes. So, this post will be a little sentimental and you also find the recipe of a DELICIOUS and easy cake, so go ahead and click to read more! Read More

Vegan Nutella Bliss Balls

We all need healthy, nutritious yet delicious treats. This is a fact, not even a question. Personally, I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth but I love some sweetness in my life time to time. That’s when I have to think about a not too unhealthy option, and since I have changed my eating habits, I must avoid to much refined sugar as well. Even better when I have none. So, that is the time, when I make these bliss balls…

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There are those evenings when you just simply want to be done with the dinner as quick as possible, and without any difficult tricks. We don’t always have the time for those meals, especially, on the weekdays. So, today, I’m here with a super easy and quick dinner (and next day’s lunch) idea, what you whip up within 30 minutes! Sounds good, right?! Let’s see the menu for today.

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