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If you follow me on Instagram (@marcsisplate) you know, that the last few weeks, every Tuesday I post a picture about one or two toasts. Well, the reason is, that I love them and the other that it is fun to do. You can make so many different toast and they can be pretty tasty. In these posts, I will collect the last four toasts and going to show you here as well. I hope you will like them too!

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Avocado-quail toast

In this picture, I have two toasts for you with mashed avocado and quail eggs. I sprinkled it with pepper, chili flakes and salt flakes. The bread is free from any gluten and wheat. It’s a very common combination but what can I do? It’s so tasty!

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Cream cheese toast

Since I cannot eat any dairy/milk product from animals, I always need to find the other options. I loved cream cheese so I had to find a plant based option. It tastes sooo good and just like a normal cream cheese! I topped it with some micro greens. This is garden cress which has a very nice peppery taste.

Photo 2018. 10. 04. 11 50 56

Tomato toast with greek basil

I had different little tomatoes, to be more exact four types and all had different colors (bright red, purple red, yellow, orange). Spread vegan butter on the toast. I sliced the tomatoes and put it on the bread. I decorated with Greek basil and sprinkled the toast with salt flakes. That’s it. So simple yet delicious!
About Greek basil:
It’s a very small type of basil. It doesn’t grow big but still has a very strong basil taste and smell. Because of its size, you can have it in your apartment in a pot if you don’t have garden but you want some herbs around. It has only this tiny leaves which makes it as a perfect plant to garnish. You can still use it on the traditional way, when you’re cooking.

Photo 2018. 10. 15. 10 19 50

Avo-pomegranate toast + Caprese toast

Here I have two kind of toasts!

1) Here’s one with mashed avocado and pomegranate seeds. I garnished it with some Greek basil and sprinkle it with freshly grounded pepper and salt flakes. It was soo good together!
2) The other one is with vegan mozzarella and sooo sweet tomatoes, garnished with normal basil and few drops of balsamic vinegar (it’s without gelatin so it’s vegan!) and olive oil.


Which one is your favorite? Please let me know in a comment! 🙂

Have a nice day!


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