Vegan Apple Pie

When the weather gets colder, I am more into baking. However, I could cook anytime. I still need to figure the gluten and dairy free baking out, which means some failure, or some failure with perfect results. Just like with this recipe. When I posted on Instagram, I have gotten some comments to share the recipe, but I need to warn you. It is not perfect yet. Therefore, if you’re willing to do this delicious apple pie, then you need some patience. 😉

One of my favorite thing to bake is pie. I just love it that you have one basic crust, what you can match up with basically anything. Literally, it can be any kind of fruits, or even vegetables. You can make it any time of the year with the seasonal stuff. I just love these infinite variations.

Apple pie was always my favorite option. Or at least one of them. It reminds me my childhood treats, my mom made them at least once per month with our homegrown apples. It was a bit different, mine looks like traditional American pie (at least close to it), and hers were in a baking sheet and differently layered (I might should share that recipe with you as well, it is incredible! I just need to transfer gluten and dairy free).

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If you are familiar with baking (not ‘free’ baking), then you know, that gluten is one of the main ingredients, which hold the dough together and makes it very flexible, and easy to work with. It’s a fact. You can make beautiful cakes without it, but with crust, it is a little different. To be honest, I had struggle with it. It was crumbly, and very hard to work with. It was a bit of a torture after baking with normal flour. I was even afraid, that the result will be awful. However, in the end it turned out delicious!

So, if you up to a little work and not afraid of it, then you definitely should so this cake! Here is the recipe, what you can use:


  • 25 cm/10 inch pie tin


  • 310 g gluten free flour (I used Schar flour mixture)
  • 210 g cold vegan butter (I used coconut butter)
  • 1-2 tbsp sugar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • little lemon zest
  • 100 ml water


  • 1 kg apple (Granny Smith + Pink Lady)
  • ¼ tsp ground cloves
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 3 tbsp brown sugar


  1. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees (Celsius).
  2. Make the crust. Mix the flour with the salt. Add the COLD butter (which cut into small pieces) to the flour and mix it together with your hands, until it is crumbly and you don’t see big piece of butter.
  3. Add the sugar, then the ice-cold water. Everything has to be cold, because then your crust will be more firm, and will keeps it its shape. Mix these until it is completely mixed and you have a ball.
  4. Cut the dough into two pieces. 1/3-2/3.
  5. Make them a little flat with round form, wrap them and put them into the fridge for at least 30-45 minutes.
  6. Meanwhile the dough is cooling, peel and cut the apples into small cubes.
  7. Mix it with all of the other filling ingredients and set it aside.
  8. When the dough is completely cold and firm, take it out from the fridge and roll it out (the 2/3 part) on a surface with flour on. Well, try to. Here comes the struggle. If you can’t, don’t worry, I put the pieces into the pie tin by hand.
  9. Pour the apples into the tin with the crust.
  10. With the smaller dough, you can decorate your pie anyhow you want to. I cut some leaves out, because it is just perfect for autumn, but it is all personal preferences.
  11. Brush the top with some plant based milk and sprinkle it with sugar.
  12. Bake it 50-60 minutes until it gets golden.

Let it to cool completely down, before you cut it. When you cut it you can warm it up and top it with some vanilla ice cream, it will be incredible! It is important to let it cool down, otherwise it’s just a mess to cut it. It is with every kind of pie.

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In the end, even with the struggles, it turned out so good, that I was snacking on it anytime, I’ve passed it. I will try different flour mixtures to make it perfect and also find some xanthan gum, because I’ve read that it really helps with the crust and you cannot even see the different between a crust with and without gluten. When I find a better recipe, I will share you immediately!

What is your favorite pie? Let me know in the comment section!

Have a sweet time with baking!


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