Avocado Toasts & Avocado Health Benefits

We all love to have some easygoing and go to meals during the day. That’s why we have the sandwiches/toasts. It is quick to prepare and you can have lots of options. Basically, we can put anything on a bread it will turn out nice. But the most famous topping is avocado. I think nothing can beat that. That’s why I’m hear with some inspirations for you, where I used avocado as a topping of my toasts.

We can all say that avocado is not the easiest fruit to pick. It’s not so easy to find out when it is perfectly ripe, but besides this I think it is a very delicious and great fruit. It also has tons of health benefits, which can help you to keep your healthy lifestyle. Avocado has a hard skin, what is not edible. It also has a big seed inside (if your lucky, it can be small as well). Cut the fruit in half, take the seed out and peel the skin off, then you have the yellow-green flesh to eat. Now let’s see why that is so good for you.

Health benefits of avocado:

  • It’s very nutritious. It is full with vitamins, especially vitamin K. But it contains vitamin C, B5, B6, E, potassium (even more than banana!) and folate.
  • Full with antioxidants as well, mainly which can help your eye health.
  • This is a low carb fruit, which is pretty high in fiber, so it can be a perfect element of your diet, to help your weight loss. Because of the high fiber amount, avocado lowers the risk of several diseases. It feeds your gut bacteria, so you can help your health in your belly.
  • It’s very low in saturated fat, but it is full with monounsaturated fat. We call that as a ‘good fat’ because it is very important for our body. This fat is mainly oleic acid which can help reduce inflammation. Tr
  • Avocado lowers Triglyceride and Cholesterol levels. It can may also prevent cancer.
  • Avocado helps you to absorb the nutrients from other food. When we eat, we try to concentrate on that we take enough of vitamins, minerals, etc. It is good to do, but we also need something to help to absorb them. (That’s why I completely against oil free diets. It’s so harmful for you!) Big part of the vitamins are fat-soluble. This plant is full with that. When you don’t eat something high in healthy fat, your vitamin intake can go to waste.
  • Last but not least, it is delicious, and you can use it on many ways in your diet.

Today I am going to show you some of my toast with avocado.


Mashed avocado with sprouts and quail eggs

This is a so delicious combination! I always sprinkle extra salt and pepper over my avocado toast, no matter what because it makes int insanely good then. Eggs are just simply heavenly with avocado, so it was obvious that I fry some on it.



Sliced Avocado with pomegranate seeds

When you get the perfect avocado, you shouldn’t just mash it. It can be perfectly sliced with a sharp knife and you can make a great mermaid effect on your toast. Pomegranate seeds has a sweet and sour flavor, what goes really good with avocado.



Sliced Avocado with black sesame seeds

One more toast with sliced avocado. It was just too perfect to resist. I slashed some lemon juice over it to add an extra sourness. Black sesame seeds are also pretty good on avo toast so why not?


Mashed avocado with sprouts

When it is not so perfect, then mash it and enjoy it. Still delicious! As I said I always add some salt to it, but with these peppery spouts you don’t need anything else.

How do you like your avocado toast? What is your favorite combination?

Have a great day!


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  1. I love avocado on toast with some olive oil, oregano and chilli flakes 🙂 It’s so good with the pomegranate seeds. I want to go and buy an avocado now haha. Thank you for the inspiration xx

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