3 Delicious Vanilla Oatmeal Recipe

The easiest and most delicious warm oatmeal recipe is the classic vanilla oatmeal. It is just super tasty, creamy and you can top it with anything, it will be still great! You really cannot go wrong with it. That’s why I collected THREE drooling recipes for you from my Instagram profile (@marcsisplate) so you can choose from these and enjoy them in your lazy weekend. All vegan, gluten and dairy free. Because for me, creamy oatmeal is in the top 5 when it is about slow weekend mornings.

First of all, I share the basic recipe with you what you can use with any oatmeal. You can add anything to this recipe and it will be great. You can use any kind of plant based milk, it really depends on your own taste. I love rice-coconut milk or the one what I’m making by myself. The prep and cooking time doesn’t take too much (max 10-15 minutes) and makes one big portion or two small.

Classic vanilla oatmeal recipe


  • 300 ml plant based milk
  • 4-5 tbsp GF oat
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1-2 tbsp maple syrup (depends how sweet you want)
  • pinch of salt


Simply, put every ingredient in one pot and cook it on medium heat until it gets completely creamy. What I can advise for you, that you need to stir it quite a few times while its cooking, then it will get perfectly creamy.


Vanilla Oatmeal with Fruits and Brazil Nuts

Perfectly sliced apples, popping blueberries, creamy nut butter with crunchy nuts… Cannot get any better, right?! Well, besides all of the deliciousness, it is very healthy as well, especially with the Brazil nuts. It has so many health benefits. It is very high in healthy/good fats, perfect source of magnesium, calcium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin E. It has plant-based protein as well. But, why we completely in love with it, because it is full with selenium. There’s no other nut like this. Two-three Brazil nuts is enough for your daily selenium need. For this Oatmeal, just chop some Brazil nuts, slice the apple, drizzle the nut butter and your good to go!


Vanilla Oatmeal with Peanut Butter and Jelly

Extra ingredients

  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 handful raspberry
  • ½ handful red currant
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • Extra fresh fruits for topping

Peanut butter and jelly? It’s a classic and great combination! I’m in love with it, so I also love to add it to different sweet meals, just like oatmeal. What you need to do: When you make the oatmeal, add 1 tbsp peanut butter to it for extra nutty taste. Besides that, you can make a quick jam with the fruits. Cook the raspberries, the red currants with the maple syrup for few minutes and stir it constantly. When it is like a sauce, bend it and top your oatmeal with it. Add extra fresh fruits, and one more table spoon peanut butter on the top. Trust me, it’s so good!


Vanilla Oatmeal with Blueberry and Almond

Extra ingredients

  • (Homemade) blueberry jam
  • fresh blueberry
  • banana
  • almond butter
  • almond flakes

Just like with the previous oatmeal, here one of the main ingredients is berry! And one of my favorites, the blueberries! It’s just so delicious! I could eat a whole bucket of it… So, for this great almond and blueberry combination, you need to top your oatmeal with blueberry jam (I used home made one, which is so much better than one from the store), fresh blueberries, for the freshness, a bis spoon of almond butter (nothing can beat that, my other big favorite), slice and add banana, and finally, some almond flakes for a little nutty crunch.

As you can see, these are simple, but still delicious recipes for breakfast! Don’t be afraid to use anything on your vanilla oatmeal, it is great with lots of things. When you add fruits, it gets fresh, with the nuts it will be crunchy, and with the extra nut butter, you never can go wrong! Just perfect like that!

I hope you will enjoy these!

What is your favorite oatmeal topping? Which one is your favorite of these?


Have a great time with cooking!


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