Vegan Nutella Bliss Balls

We all need healthy, nutritious yet delicious treats. This is a fact, not even a question. Personally, I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth but I love some sweetness in my life time to time. That’s when I have to think about a not too unhealthy option, and since I have changed my eating habits, I must avoid to much refined sugar as well. Even better when I have none. So, that is the time, when I make these bliss balls…

Why is it so great? I taste exactly like Ferrero Rocher, but vegan, gluten and dairy free! Also, I didn’t add any sugar to it and still very sweet. It really tastes like heaven; I am not even joking with you. Another great thing about it, that it needs only 5 (yes, you read it well, five) ingredients, 5 minutes of your life and you’re ready to roll. Literally, because you need to make them ball shaped. This is the food, which tastes like junk food, but still pretty good for your body. Why?

It contains hazelnut which is full with fiber so it supports your bowel. It also helps you to reduce gain weight (of course if you eat normal amount of them, key is the balance). It is also full with antioxidants and vitamin E. These helps your cells to stay healthy. It even helps with your insulin sensitivity! This really is a s win-win situation.

I also used Raspberry powder to cover my bliss balls, because it is tasty, goes well with the other ingredients, and has so many other heath benefits, you must know about. For example, it is high in vitamin C, Manganese and antioxidants (also quercetin, which is known as a help to lower the histamine which can minimize the allergic reactions). Now let’s see how I made this deliciousness.



(approx. 12-13 medium sized balls)

  • 2-3 medjoul date
  • 100 g hazelnut + few pieces (~15) in the middle of the balls
  • 50 g gluten free rolled oat
  • 75 g vegan chocolate-hazelnut spread
  • raspberry juice powder
  • pinch of salt


  1. Put every ingredient in your food processor (except the raspberry powder and the extra whole hazelnuts).
  2. Blend it until you can make a ball form out of it.
  3. Form the balls as big as you prefer and also work one whole hazelnut in the middle.
  4. Roll them in the raspberry juice powder, until they are completely covered.

Easy and quick to make and you only do good with your body! I had a very hard time to stop myself, when I was eating them (even when I was taking the photos). Also, if you don’t have any raspberry powder around, don’t worry. You can cover them with cocoa powder or even crushed hazelnut. It will be still delicious!

Enjoy it!


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