Easy 30-minute gluten free tomato pasta

Most of the days, we don’t really have too much time to prepare dinner. Or we just want something easy and quick, with no fuss. Well, I love pasta, and I love pasta with tomatoes. It is one of the easiest things you can mix up for yourself and for your family or friends. Even if a meal is not difficult, it doesn’t mean it cannot be tasty. Well, this one is deeelicious!


The idea to make this on a Sunday after a long weekend, came from my step mother. Before I flew back to the Netherlands she cooked this quickly for me to not go to the airport hungry. I haven’t had tomato pasta in such a long time, I ended up eating so much of it! So today, I just wanted to make some for myself as well, and just enjoy these simple yet fantastic flavors. I mean it has only few basic ingredients, and tastes so good! Italians know what they are doing, that’s for sure. It’s gluten free, dairy free and even vegan! (Feel free to add meat if you want to!)



Let’s see why it is so tasteful. It has the perfect combination of herbs. Oregano and basil are such an amazing pair for tomato. I love to mix dry and fresh ingredients as well, when its about herbs, because with the oil you can really bring those tastes out and when you add the fresh ones in the end it gives you the last final kick. You also have the delicious onion and garlic. They bring even more to the dish. When you start to make it, you already know from its smell it will feed your soul as well.

Which helps a lot too, that’s the seasoning of your cooking water for your pasta. You need to add decent amount of salt to that water. Don’t worry, you won’t have any problems, because the pasta won’t absorb everything. It will just bring the flavors out. What I can also recommend is that you take a cup out of the water and add it to your sauce. In this case season the sauce only after you added the water. It will also make your sauce creamy and dreamy. Now let’s get to the recipe!


  • 2 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 medium onion
  • 500 g tomatoes
  • 300 g GF spaghetti
  • 2 tsp dry basil
  • 2 tsp dry oregano
  • 1 bunch of fresh basil
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 200 g cherry tomatoes
  • salt
  • pepper
  • optional: 2 tbsp nutritional yeast


  1. Prep your veggies. Peel and chop the onions and 3 garlic cloves. Wash and roughly chop the tomatoes.
  2. Put the water for the pasta on the stove to boil. When it’s boiling, add a great amount of salt. Stir it quickly to absorb it, de add your spaghetti. Cook it according to the package. Keep it al dente.
  3. Meanwhile, start your sauce. Add sunflower oil to a pan. Add the garlic and the dry herbs. Turn the heat on and start to fry it a little. Don’t burn it, otherwise the garlic gets a bitter taste.
  4. Add the chopped onion, and cook it until its soft and a bit golden.
  5. Add the tomatoes and cook it for 10/15 minutes. Season it with pepper.
  6. While you’re cooking the tomatoes, the pasta must be done. Save a cup of cooking water then pour the rest out of the pot and rinse the pasta with cold water (like this you can avoid to stick it together).
  7. When the tomatoes are ready, add them to your blender with the cooking water and if you want the cheese taste, add the nutritional yeast as well. Blend it until it’s smooth.
  8. Pour it back to your pan, check the seasoning. If you need, add more salt and pepper.
  9. Put it on medium heat. Chop the fresh basil and add them to the sauce. Stir it for 1-2 minutes.
  10. In another pan, heat the olive oil up with 1 gathered garlic clove. Add the pasta and fry it for 2 minutes. Stir it constantly. Add the sauce, mix it well.
  11. You can add some fresh cherry tomatoes, it will give your meal extra freshness. Cut them in half and mix them in.
  12. Serve it with fresh basil and enjoy it!



It really is easy and quick to make! Everybody will finish their meal, for sure. I hope you also see, that you don’t need fancy ingredients to have a tasteful and great dinner/lunch. I’m so loving this kind of meals. Just one more tip. If you want less sauce on your pasta, just store the leftover separately and you can store it in your fridge for few days and enjoy it anytime you want. Or you can freeze it and grab it another time.


Who else loves simply and quick delicious meals?

Have a great time with cooking and enjoy it!



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  1. This looks delicious 😍 I haven’t been able to adapt to gluten free pasta as I find the texture not to my taste. I really miss pasta dishes though! Do you find the spaghetti is better? I haven’t tried it yet after my pasta experiences xx

    1. Thank you! Well, I really know the struggle! The key is to try as much as you can and when you find your favorite, stick to it. Mines are manly the ones with rice flour. I find them the most delicious. But if you find good quality buckwheat or chickpea (some with corn base works too) pasta/spaghetti that’s also good!

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