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It’s Marcsi (more internationally, Maria)! I’m Hungarian who currently lives in the Netherlands. I’m 27 years old and a huge fan of food and cooking. It was always like this in my entire life. I always spent my time around the kitchen, tasting everything and sometimes got on my mother’s/grandmother’s/stepmother’s nerves. As soon as I could reach the stove, I was cooking or baking.

In these days, I still have this habit and luckily, it’s kind of part of my job as well. Until August 2018, I was enjoying food on the max, I could eat anything. My main meals were pretty healthy or not too unhealthy. But I was snacking so much trash and drank at least 1,5 l of Cola. I thought everything is fine, but sometimes I had cramps and other uncomfortable symptoms. I thought I might have some allergies or something but it turned out quickly, that it is a bit more complicated.

My digesting system was a mess and had very bad results. My guts were not absorbing most of the things I’ve eaten. So I had to take 12 pills and drink one powder which heals the wall of mz gut every single day. These were vitamins, minerals and mostly probiotics and SBOs (Soil Based Organisms). I had to avoid gluten and dairy, to be more exact, every kind of milk products from animals and sugar. The last one obviously, I cannot always do it. I cannot have any soda (which is ok, it is healthy), most of the snacks what I have eaten before, too much yeast, etc. I also had a food allergy test and normally I’m not allergic or intolerant for these things, but they do not help my healing and to keep the healthy gut, so that is why I stil avoid them. Now my results are much better, but I still need to keep the diet to keep this better condition. I take onlz the main vitamins, collagen and 1 probiotic per day.

I knew it from the beginning that this diet is completely doable, but for me, who loved everything with gluten and cheese… Well, it is a bit of a challenge. However, I am happily doing this to prevent crohn syndrome or even gut cancer later on.

On the other hand, I always had the need to share what I’m making/eating so it gave me a last kick to finally start my own food blog. It makes me so relaxed, when I am  cooking, baking, preparing content, blog posts here or on my Instagram feed. This is the perfect way for me to express myself. On this blog, you can read about my journey, you can find only gluten and dairy free recipes, most of them are even vegan or can be change to vegan easily. I also don’t use any refined sugar (only sometimes with baking, when I have no other options). I will share you all of my recipes and food experiences, my tips about how-to, where-to, etc.

I’m enjoying every minute of it and I hope you will too and be inspired by me a little.

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