Cauliflower soup with a twist

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I am here with another soup recipe! I was planning to do another kind of cauliflower soup and I’ve checked a lot of recipes. Well, in the end, I mixed them together and this delicious spiced cauliflower soup turned out.

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Imagine, it is Saturday morning and you are about to go to the market (or Tuesday, we also have it then, in Eindhoven). There are fresh fish stands and you can pick so many things even big crabs. I’m lucky to say that these markets here are really good,

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Ratatouille Nr1

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Although, it is not summer anymore, but we can enjoy ratatouille any time of the year if we can find ingredients with good quality. This meal is a perfect harmony of zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper and onion. I am going to share you one of my recipe of this delicious dish.

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Chocolate banana oatmeal

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I don’t know about your weekends (but I’m happily willing to), but I love to make oatmeal for breakfast. Then you have time, also to make it pretty, not only delicious. Well, it doesn’t take too much time to prepare, but during the weekdays I mostly rush in the morning to go to work.

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Vegan potato soup

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Let’s talk about soup! Autumn is officially here, so we are more into any kind of comfort food. I think a warm, filling soup is one of them. This potato soup is so perfect and easy to make, that you will all love it. At least, I hope. It is ready within an hour and the only thing that can be a bit difficult for someone who just started to cook is to make the soup a bit thicker. Nevertheless, I’ll give you as much advises as possible. I hope they will be useful!

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Everybody loves pasta. Or at least most of the population is okay with it. I can say that I love it. I have lived in Rome for two years and what can I say… I gained few kg after the first few months. I tried to collect many inspirations over there when it was about food and luckily, I’ve learned some things. Let’s see few of them.

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