Here is the very first recipe! I will share you every meal from my Instagram as well so if you search for something, it will be here too.

One of my all time favorite dinner is salmon. I could eat it every single week. Luckily, in the Netherlands, at the market you can buy beautiful piece of fish. Mostly, I take it from there. You just need to get there in time to get the fresh salmon.

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Welcome to Marcsi’s Plate


Hey everyone,

It’s Marcsi (more internationally, Maria)! I’m Hungarian who currently lives in the Netherlands. I’m 27 years old and a huge fan of food and cooking. It was always like this in my entire life. I always spent my time around the kitchen, tasting everything and sometimes got on my mother’s/grandmother’s/stepmother’s nerves. As soon as I could reach the stove, I was cooking or baking.

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