Marcsi's Plate


We all love to have some easygoing and go to meals during the day. That’s why we have the sandwiches/toasts. It is quick to prepare and you can have lots of options. Basically, we can put anything on a bread it will turn out nice. But the most famous topping is avocado. I think nothing can beat that. That’s why I’m hear with some inspirations for you, where I used avocado as… Read More

There are times, when you need something to snack on. Well, for me there are many times like that. I love something salty and crunchy. When I started my new diet, it was very difficult to cut my snacks short. I still eat some unhealthy things, but it is much better now. When I turn to something like that, mostly, I do my favorite snack, all time.

If you follow me on Instagram (@marcsisplate) you know, that the last few weeks, every Tuesday I post a picture about one or two toasts. Well, the reason is, that I love them and the other that it is fun to do. You can make so many different toast and they can be pretty tasty. In these posts, I will collect the last four toasts and going to show you here as… Read More