Marcsi's Plate


  It has been a long time, since I have shared any recipes here, on my blog. It had few reasons. One of them, that the editing of the photos wasn’t easy, because my laptop was simply old, and the colors weren’t as good as I wanted them (so basically, I was editing everything on my phone….). I also had a course in the evening, next to that I have a nice… Read More

Now, it really is cold outside. Even minus during the night so we need some warm creamy soup so much. They are easy to make, you need only few kind of veggies, a little time, a blender and it is ready! It cannot be easier and the flavors are pretty comforting.

WooHoo! My very first Buddha bowl is right here for you! Buddha bowls are mostly colorful, packed with delicious things, and fills you completely. It has so many different ingredients, yet very easy to make. Seriously. You’ve probably heard about this before, but if not, I explain you better what it is.