Marcsi's Plate


There are certain food that bring you back to your childhood. It can be anything comforting. Our brain and taste buds are just so amazing, that it can create such a warm feelings, when you taste something, which reminds you of your childhood. For there are lots of meals, because we always cooked at home (well mostly, sometimes we made some drama to go to the McDonalds… :D).

WooHoo! My very first Buddha bowl is right here for you! Buddha bowls are mostly colorful, packed with delicious things, and fills you completely. It has so many different ingredients, yet very easy to make. Seriously. You’ve probably heard about this before, but if not, I explain you better what it is.

I always am interested in another type of cuisine. Play around in the kitchen, try new recipes, read about them, watch lots of tv-shows about cooking, etc. My mind is always hungry just like me. The last few weeks I’m excited about curries. I’ve eaten them a lot of times previously, however, I’ve never made them before. Few weeks ago, I thought I give it a try. You can read about one… Read More