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Today, this blog, Marcsi’s Plate and me have a very important day! Exactly a year ago I have started my Instagram account (@marcsisplate) where I share my gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipes. So, this post will be a little sentimental and you also find the recipe of a DELICIOUS and easy cake, so go ahead and click to read more!

The most difficult part in my new diet, is that I cannot bake as I used to do. I always used the right flour type, butter (which I think still gives the perfect taste for anything. I seriously miss it), etc. I am struggling with the cooking with gluten free flour options (which doesn’t have too strong taste), but I think I’ll be fine. The main reason is that I just made… Read More

It’s been a while since I post anything here. I had a pretty bad cold, and I had to take some rest. Now I am here again, and posting everything, what you’ve missed from the Instagram. There, you can be always up to date. My account is: @marcsisplate, you can follow me there. 🙂

Saturday so I am back with an oatmeal recipe! However, the weather is crazy around the Netherlands, which means we have so hot days like normally in the summertime. Or not even then (except this summer, which was pretty crazy warm and dry). So, even with this Indian summer, I’m all about autumn/winter flavors. Today, I’m going to share a pretty cozy and lovely oatmeal with you.

Well, well… I have always thinking about to share my recipes with the world and write a blog about cooking and baking. But I’ve never thought that you need to wait that long for a cake recipe. I love baking! I always loved to do it. I am the one who can spend hours on a birthday cake (once it was around 8 hours…) yet you haven’t seen any here. Probably, it’s… Read More

I don’t know about your weekends (but I’m happily willing to), but I love to make oatmeal for breakfast. Then you have time, also to make it pretty, not only delicious. Well, it doesn’t take too much time to prepare, but during the weekdays I mostly rush in the morning to go to work.