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When the weather gets colder, I am more into baking. However, I could cook anytime. I still need to figure the gluten and dairy free baking out, which means some failure, or some failure with perfect results. Just like with this recipe. When I posted on Instagram, I have gotten some comments to share the recipe, but I need to warn you. It is not perfect yet. Therefore, if you’re willing to… Read More

However, Halloween is over, but on Monday, I had a pretty spooky related main dish. Well, the colors and the forms matched to the theme and it looked perfect for Halloween. Also, the internet was always full with the sweets, but well, here’s a savory food. You can still do this anytime of the year, because it was pretty tasty.

This weekend, I try to keep up with my blog, because there are some recipes from the Instagram, which are not up here yet. So, First, here’s my delicious oatmeal from the last weekend. I really wanted to do something with pretty different tastes. Something sweet and sour at the same time so I mixed two very different ingredients together.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! This is the spookiest day of the year so I am here to celebrate it with some creepy pancakes. However, we don’t really celebrate it here in the Netherlands, as in the US, I always love to make some treats and meals.

Another recipe with black rice, but on a different way… Do you remember when we were young and we had some comforting, warm, creamy rice pudding? We put some cinnamon on it, jam, fruits, or some vanilla. It tasted like heaven! I still love this dessert, and I was desperate to make a fun, delicious version of it, which is of course, dairy free.

So, my Saturday’s oatmeal is on Wednesday… However, on Instagram, you could have seen it already, I didn’t have the power to upload it here as well. I had a pretty bad cold, so I was happy to do the basics. But now! I’m about to share the recipes now, what I wanted before.