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Pumpkin season is not only all over the markets and the supermarkets, but also around the internet now. If you want to make something with it, you can find billion recipes and ideas. It is kind of a heaven for me because I love this vegetable! I could eat it anyhow, it would be good. Today, I want to share a classic recipe with you. The main ingredients of course, pumpkin!

It’s oatmeal time again! I am always craving for a nice porridge in the weekend, so I will share you as much recipe as possible. Therefore, if you are also that kind, then you can enjoy these delish plates as well. Let’s see what we have for today.

It’s autumn so it means lots of creamy, heavy but nice and healthy soup! They warm you up and fill you with no guilt, if you use the right ingredients. In this season, the toot vegetables are in their glory. Besides all kind of pumpkins. They are so rich in fiber and vitamins that you definitely need to take if you want to keep your heath up. They are perfect ingredients for… Read More

There are the main meals what you have to eat every single day. But, what about the time in between? Well, those who can control himself or herself and not snacking or anything amaze me, but I’m not that kind of person. I always need to have something around, otherwise I’m starving. (Except when I’m working, then I even forget the main meals to get…) Today, I am going to share a… Read More

Finally, we are at that stage, when I can share my recipes with you with beautiful (or at least I think they are that) pictures taken by my camera. I had some issues with it when I started this whole account, etc. but finally it is solved now, and I cannot wait to share everything with you in a pretty fine quality. I still need to learn a lot about it but… Read More

You will see lots of oatmeal on my blog and on my Instagram (@marcsisplate), because I just simply love it in the weekends. Sometimes, when I have time in the weekdays, also then. This very creamy and sweet oatmeal with a classic combination of tastes.