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When it is autumn, you can see fresh, seasonal pumpkins everywhere! Any kind, color, form, size, doesn’t matter, if it is edible. I seriously love pumpkin. Squash was always on hour table in my entire life. We always roasted it (even in these days), slowly until it caramelizes and it is so sweet in your mouth. We don’t add anything, just the squash and it is still incredibly tasty.

So, my Saturday’s oatmeal is on Wednesday… However, on Instagram, you could have seen it already, I didn’t have the power to upload it here as well. I had a pretty bad cold, so I was happy to do the basics. But now! I’m about to share the recipes now, what I wanted before.

Well, well… I have always thinking about to share my recipes with the world and write a blog about cooking and baking. But I’ve never thought that you need to wait that long for a cake recipe. I love baking! I always loved to do it. I am the one who can spend hours on a birthday cake (once it was around 8 hours…) yet you haven’t seen any here. Probably, it’s… Read More

Happy Monday, everyone! When it is the first day of the week, you need coffee. A lot. However, I had a very relaxing weekend, where I was mostly cooking, baking and doing things with my blog/Instagram, I always need a big cup of coffee. Well, it is autumn as well. What does it mean? Pumpkin spice latte!

Pumpkin season is not only all over the markets and the supermarkets, but also around the internet now. If you want to make something with it, you can find billion recipes and ideas. It is kind of a heaven for me because I love this vegetable! I could eat it anyhow, it would be good. Today, I want to share a classic recipe with you. The main ingredients of course, pumpkin!